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For over a decade World Animal Protection (formerly known as WSPA) has campaigned to secure at the United Nations a 'Universal Declaration on Animal Welfare' (UDAW).



WSPA's new name and logo

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and IFAW are both in strong support of such a Declaration!



In '2006 this was brought to the public’s attention by means of a signature petition on all their websites. 10 million signatures are needed to convince the UN of the necessity of such a Declaration. Ten years into the petition? But 2,3 million have signed!


S o l o f l y e r                          'World Animal Protection'

A page on their 'websites' has by now proven not to be sufficient. This mission needs a torchbearer, one who manages to keep the attention of the world media focused on this vital endeavour!

Eppo Harbrink Numan, the pilot in this up-coming adventure, is just such a person! And he’s done it before, please see: Eppo Numan did it once before

His epic attempt to fly around the world in a Powered Paraglider will secure a substantial amount of much-needed free publicity for this petition as well as enhance their brand recognition worldwide. Nor should one undervalue the impact of the TV-documentary that will be aired around the world for years to come. It, too, will inspire a large audience to sign the petition and could well play a prominent part in the future implementation of the Declaration.

This feat in and of itself, establishes ample reason to make a generous donation to his quest or even sponsor it in its entirety.

To secure an equivalent amount of exposure for their petition would require they to seriously deplete funds set aside for animal aid. It is therefore essential to note that they have no financial involvement whatsoever in his project.

Your valued participation or sponsorship in kind of facilities and equipment is of
paramount importance to the success of Eppo's flight and mission!

But whatever you do, please sign their petition!

Today on a bicycle, tomorrow in the air, en route to an animal kingdom that once again holds its own!

Oppi, Eppo's once in a life time mascot for this flight Oppi is no more.

Fifteen years together into the project,

01-02-1998 / 21-03-2014


A 'Universal Declaration on Animal Welfare' must come about. Animals and the natural world are important and their welfare should be a mat

ter of course and of the utmost ! importance in any society!

Reverse the scandalous manner by which we treat animals? Reverse the destruction of most ecosystems? . . . If only . . !!

A devilish stalemate holds humanity and this Planet by the throat, fed by economic perpetuated by overpopulation, powerful lobbies, and our own negligence. Compassion concerning animals lands in the bin and the much-needed protection and restoration of our ecosystems is pushed on the back burner.

Humanity has been standing on the brink of the biggest transformation in history for decades, an about-face so massive it scares the living daylights out of most politicians, the general public and industrial leaders worldwide, paralysing them, leaving the planet stranded on the road to destruction.

And yet our politicians and leaders of industry fail to make meaningful changes !!

How can we get them to take responsibly ?

Eppo would like to appeal especially to CHILDREN, who could get involved through their SCHOOLS and locally stimulate the progress of the petition.

Hence: we ask that you forward the link to this site to your family, friends, clubs, schools and business acquaintances. Your support and that of others can turn this promotional flight for animal welfare into an exciting reality

Donations to the  S o l o F l y e r  project can be made from this site!

Your banking and private information is secured by a COMODO certificate - Click on the padlock symbol at the bottom on the donation page to view full details

Your donation will go to The Atlantic Windmaster Foundation, established by Eppo Harbrink Numan in 1989 and which has been accredited by the Dutch Government as a Charitable organisation since 1990 - Your donation is therefore tax deductible. Furthermore, the foundation is exempt from inheritance tax.

Feel like joining ?  *  From this site you can:

·        sign the petition for the Declaration

·        donate to the record flight

To do so, please click on the Zebra-striped button below - or in the Menubar on DONATIONS + PETITION

Should, conditions arise resulting in the cancellation or limiting the trajectory of Eppo's flight, any assets in excess of those that will have been expended in the initiation of his project will be held in escrow for a future, charitable based, trendsetting event. Under the sole condition it, once again, holds the potential to promote the welfare of animals and the natural world on a widespread scale.

we urge you to support his with a modest

Our sincerest gratitude for your time and effort in helping to realize this project

D     O     N      A     T     I     O      N      S
S     I     G     N        T     H     E        P     E     T     I     T     I     O     N


With regard to your donation: no financial compensation will be paid to the pilot from your donation.


Please note: to come to World Animal Protection's aid is a decision Eppo Harbrink Numan has made on his own account with the full consent and blessing from their Headquarters London, who are de- lighted that SoloFlyer carries its name and logo to help promote their work in raising the standards of animal welfare throughout the world.

'World Animal Protection' is the world’s largest animal protection organisation, working with 1027 member organisations worldwide to raise the standards of animal welfare throughout the world. It has consultative status at the United Nations and the Council of Europe. Their vision is a world in which the welfare of animals is understood and respected by effective legislation.


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