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*  Commemorative   Flight  Certificate   *

Instead of taking First Day Covers on board, later to be offered and sold as collectable souvenirs after the completion of the flight, Eppo decided for something considerable lighter which could still be linked to aviation - pure silk, the material of which parachutes are made.

A hundred meter yarn, one meter wide was divided length-wise into two narrow and two wide strips. These were further divided into 4444 ribbons and 2222 rectangles.

 The vertical ribbons of silk were attached to the certificate with waxen seals into which the text ‘On board F-28-FA’ was stamped.

The silk ribbons were franked with the stamps of the airports of entry and departure of the countries over-flown during the record.

·         Zestienhoven

·         Biggin Hill

·         Stornoway

·         Vagar

·         Egilsstadir

·         Reykjavik

·         Kulusuk

·         Sondrestromfjord

·         Cape Dyer

·         St Hubert Montreal

·         Teterboro

- Rotterdam
- UK
- Schotland
- Faeroe Islands
- East Iceland
- West Iceland
- East coast of Greenland
- West coast of Greenland
- Baffin Island Canada
- Canada

In the centre diamond a depiction of: Eppo’s ultralight, The Eiffel tower, The Euro mast and the Statue of Liberty. Below, the text of article 31.

On all 2222 rectangular pieces of silk, a Dutch special aviation stamp was affixed which was franked at Rotterdam Airport Post Office by Eppo’s son Leonard and his half brother Rachid Morstani on the day of his departure - 16th June 1989.

Walter Schirlinger and his poltergeist twin glueing the stamps onto the

narrow bands of silk, later to be cut into rectangles.


The diagonally placed red, white and blue ribbon across the silken rectangle represents the Dutch flag as well as the French flag, since Eppo’s ultralight was registered in France, in the District of Tours.

To the right of the rectangular piece of silk an em-bossed seal, reading Seal of Authenticity USA was placed. All certificates were personally numbered and signed in pencil by Eppo.


Eppo guarantees that all the silk has travelled on board of his ultralight from start to finish on top of the little luggage carrier above the battery.

There are still certificates available: € 175,-

Excluding packaging, shipping and insurance costs.

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